Saturday, July 31, 2010

Parading with my Peeps

Usually I consider myself a fine connoisseur of parades, enjoying them from the comfort of a lawn chair on the grassy knoll under the railroad tracks on Commercial Street. I've never really enjoyed being an active participant. There's just something about sticking me in the back of a truck and "parading" me through the packed streets of Morgan County that makes me a little uncomfortable.

But if you promise to surround me with my Courthouse peeples, have someone more fashionable than me pick out my outfit, and me let cover my sweaty flat hair-do with a cowboy hat then I just may relent a little.
I will most especially relent if my fellow elected officials will be wearing chicken hats!
Teresa reminds me that one thing I'll miss about being a parade "rider" rather that a parade "watcher" is that I won't get candy thrown at me. So to make me feel better, she offers to chuck a few at me while we wait to start the parade. But why does she had to aim at my head like that?!!?
The parade was going to be Lydon's big debut as a firefighter/EMT- in-training and he was really looking forward to struttin' his stuff in a fire truck for the folks of Morgan County. But about an hour before the parade was about to line up, an emergency situation occurred that took out almost every emergency response vehicle (translation: firetrucks, ambulances, cop cars--which, by the way, had just been spit shined for the parade). Do you know how short a Morgan parade can get when you don't have hardly any fire trucks (Morgan or Mtn. Green), ambulances or sheriff's trucks? Good thing we had a fill-in ambulance crew to keep up appearances and fill in the gap...... otherwise, that end of the parking lot was super empty.Also hanging out in the parking lot waiting to parade their stuff---------Uncle Jill and Kelley showing off the Devil's Slide Credit Union. Work it girls, work it.

My Little Babooshka, representing Carrigan Motors, presenting a picture perfect parade wave. Seriously, does it get prettier than that? I think not! Head held high. Shoulders back. Hand waving at a perfect pitch. You would think her mother was a former ZCMI model or something.
And then there's the cutest kids on the block, Colton, Aubrey, Madison, Ralynne. They are showing me that Casuree isn't the only one that can throw out a parade wave. This isn't their first rodeo in Grandpa Jim's candy car :)
It was a long hot wait in the parking lot, as documented by this picture of a very bored Angle Moroni hanging out on the Morgan "M" just waiting for this thing to get a move on!
Finally.....we're moving!! See that deviant there on the left hand side? And see that thing in her hand? And see that look upon her face? Someone made the mistake of giving her a super soaker to use on the parade route.
I think she had a little bit TOO much fun with that thing! And for the record, to any person on the parade route that may have heard the Morgan County Assessor yell that I was the one who got them wet, I am INNOCENT! INNOCENT I SAY!! I am the one that threw you the Kit-Kat or Reeses bar (whichever is your favorite) but I did NOT squirt you with water (it's an election year-I know better than that)I think I have changed my position regarding riding vs. watching parades. I had a blast today.
Between Gwen turning the experience into a wet t-shirt contest (because each time she shot her super soaker over my head she ended up soaking me) and theCounty Attorney damaging my self esteem by making disparaging remarkds about my cowboy hat, I surprisingly made it out the other end in one piece.
We got back to home base just in time for a mini massive thunderstorm to blow in. It blew Teresa's cowboy hat right off her head!
Thanks for a great parade courthouse peeps!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Yo Dad

To celebrate Yo Bob's big day, Buster delighted us, yet again, with another action packed morning in the wilderness. And by that I mean he wanted us to be up in Deep Creek at 8am. Seriously Buster? 8am? On a non-work day? Do you know what that equates to in hair-do time? And that doesn't even take into account mountain climbing time. But enough about wasn't my birthday......

Shawn sure knows his way around that BBQ that he has stashed up there in the woods. He made us all the bestest birthday breakfast.
And bless his heart....he knows I'm fond of bacon! Look out Chicken-Inn Larry-there's a new bacon cook in town!!And for the egg lovers in the group, Uncle Boyd impressed with this special jelly-bean egg dish. I had a touch of the diarrhea so I couldn't partake. There was corn involved (in the eggs). Nothing against Boyd and his jelly-bean egg dish, it's just that the last thing a girl wants to deal with is tummy trouble in the middle of no where, if you know what I mean.

There was plenty to do when we weren't eating. Casuree and Nate were playing the "throw the golf ball at the pipe contraption" game.

And the boys played football.
But the main event of this birthday bashed was Little Yo
Little Yo is so cute that even her feeding time can bring a rousing game of football to a grinding halt. Look at those boys :)

But breakfast in the woods just wasn't enough for Grandpa Bob's birthday so we did a follow-up feeding by going to dinner at the Texas Road House.

We even added a stop at the Baskin Robins on the way but because I can't waddle and handle a camera at the same time, I didn't get any pictures.
Happy birthday dad. I know you don't need me getting all mushy on you by telling that I love you and giving you cyber hugs and kisses so I'll just save them up for Busters birthday in a couple of weeks (cuz that's what he get for making us get up so early today!!)
Pay backs Buster--Pay backs!!

Can I get a "Woot-Woot"

Because this guy:

And this guy:

And this guy:
Did this:

And you know what that means that the Netz-Lafitte-Carrigan-Roberts 4th of July and Christmas Eve parties got that much safer :)
It also means that now get to carry around those EMT issued, super-sharp, britches-cutting scissors and I bet they are not afraid to use them should an EMT-britches-cutting-emergency arise.
Congrats guys!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Jill!

To the girl who is only old enough to be my big sister rather than my much older Uncle/Aunt Jill.

I'll try not to shout to the world how you forever ruined my life with canned macaroni and cheese and runny eggs (gag----I'm gagging now!) when we were kids. Since it's your birthday, I'll save that embarrassing story for another occasion. And I'll try not to tell you AGAIN that I'm sick of living in your gorgeous shadow.
Happy birthday Uncle Jill.....I hope I'm a beautiful grandma like you are when I reach your age :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wishing you lots and lots of love!