Monday, May 31, 2010

We did it!

I mean he did it.......

But with the amount of stress he put me through these past two weeks, I think I should get a little bit of the credit!

We got to share Lydon's graduation day with Grandma Margy's birthday. And you know how we! So we started out with graduation/birthday by having breakfast at Karen's in Ogden. When we were done eating, we wandered up and down 25th street (not in the old fashioned "walking 25th street" way) and ended up at the "Making Scents" shop. Everyone made themselves a little something to smell pretty with (even Grandpa Tim came out smelling purty!)

After a brief afternoon R&R, we reconvened at the Kobe for a pre-graduation food fest.

Back home, mom made Lydon get all embarrassed by making him pose for all kinds of mom-embarrassing photos.

Lydon entering the ceremony

When they called Lydon's name, I attempted to rush the stage but I didn't quite make it there in time, especially since we were sitting at the very back of the auditorium. FYI, I was wearing heals and the carpet seemed extra slicky that night but I managed to keep upright when I was running up and down the isle trying to get a picture of my baby boy.

The hat toss. Side Note: Lydon sat on the top row. And during the entire ceremony he had his head down. Not once did I see his actual face. If I'd a known all I was going to see was the top of his cap, I would have painted "I love my momma" in big white letters on the top. At least I would have got a worth while picture.

Lydon and his buddies Mikey Crane and TJ Jensen. He's been friends with these boys since they were just little fellas. I hate Mikey cuz his hair is prettier than mine.

This is Mrs. Taylor. She was such a great help during Lydon's OCD/anxiety ridden days. I love her! And she never changes.

The obligatory "M" picture.

Lydon had a great time at operation Graduation and made out like a bandit. He won a bid Tupperware truck box. Tim is currently in negotiations with Lydon over the truck box. Apparently big Tupperware truck boxes are a wonderful man toy and Tim really wants it :) Lydon also got a really nice outdoorsman backpack. He was pretty tickled about it and is going to use it to pack around his gear to his EMT class. He also got a bag full of coupons for Slurpees and hamburgers and ice cream and pizza and Arby's and......the list goes on. He has to hide his loot from his little brother because he really got some good stuff!.

For those of you who have not heard, Lydon has changed his career goals (please tell me that every kid does this). He is no longer going to be a veterinarian. He has decided he wants to be like the rest of the guys in the family and will be going into the EMT/fire profession. He started night time EMT classes about a month ago before high school even got out and is loving every minute of it! Everyone has been so good to him. Everything that he got for graduation will go towards his EMT classes (including gas to get there-ouch!) and the gear he needs.

Thank you to everyone who got him to this point!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear Mark McGrath

Dear mark McGrath of the band SugarRay and the TV show Extra:
Lydon Edward was ours first!

Made my Day!

I worked on Lydon's graduation announcements this weekend. I rushed to take a picture of him Thursday night. Came straight home, threw together an announcement on the "Snapfish"program, and pushed the button that magically sent the announcements off to the Walgreens to be printed. When I showed up Friday morning to pick them up, this is what greeted me......
Totally made my day. The little guy behind the counter said that the picture looked as if it it was a professional photo and if it was he needed a signed release in order to print reproductions.

Thank you Mr. Walgreen man, you made my day!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Yo Ma--Happy Birthday!
Today for your birthday I'm gonna hit Savers (don't judge people, it's what we did and we loved it!), I'm going to work on your Lydee's graduation announcements and me and Grandpa are going to attempt to have a little Utah Noodle for your birthday dinner.

I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and peck, a bushel and peck and a hug around the neck.....Happy birthday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My latest brush with greatness

I seriously need to go get my one of those Hollywood autograph books. My latest brush with greatness is with this fella, Tax Commissioner Michael J. Cragun. He was in Morgan conducting our first State Appealed Board of Equalization Hearing that was held right here on our home turf.
I started my political career (I use that term loosely)clear back in 1998. He came on scene shortly after during the election of 2000 as a Davis County Commissioner.

When he was done being a County Commissioner, the then Lt. Gov Gary Herbert swooped him off to bigger and better things at the Lt. Gov's office as the Elections Director. So because he was "thee" election guy at the big house and we are the election gals at the little house, we got to work with him alot.

Well, Lt. Gov Gary Herbert had to go and get himself made Governor and with that, the Gov had to go and swoop our Election Director friend off to even bigger-big and better-best things by appointing him a Tax Commissioner.

We miss our association with him in the Elections office but are very happy that he is in a position that uses all those brains and talents of his yet still allows us to bump into him every now and then.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Because I love my mom

Here is a super cute picture of my duck fluffed-haired mom on her mighty scooter at the property in Deep Creek. It's been two years now since we lost her to breast cancer (cancer sucks!). This past Saturday I celebrated just how much I love my mamacita by walking in the Susan G. Koman Race for a Cure for the 2nd year in a row...... Because I love my mom....I got up at 5a.m. this Saturday (of course this is a re-enactment...I can't operate a blow dryer and a curling iron at 5am let alone a camera to document that I got up that early on a non-work day).Because I love my mom....I geared up in this years darling race shirt. P.S. when the race is over, these shirts, paired with some comfy sweat pants, make perfect night shirts! I love them! Because I love my mom.....not so promptly at 6:30am I climbed aboard a Carrigan-mobile with Uncle Jill, Casuree, Baby Yo (and her Jimmy Jets) and Uncle Jill's BFF and my BFCW (that's code for bestest-fun-co-worker) Lynne (who managed to escape being photographed) to hit the road and grab a quick nutritious breakfast to eat on our way to the big city of Salt Lake. You gotta make sure that you have all the right proteins and carbs and electrolytes and vitamin type things in your body when participating in events such as this one. I chose a Diet Coke and Ho-Ho's. I think I read about their protein and carbs and electrolyte and vitamin goodnesses in a magazine somewhere once.
Because I love my mom.....when we arrived at the race we got to make "in memory" signs to wear. Mother's day was the day after the race and my mom's birthday will be on Friday the 14th (one week after the race). How appropriate for us that this race gets to happen right during her two special days. I like to think that they race people did that on purpose, just for her cuz they love her too. Because I love my mom......we waited in a forever bathroom line for a quick potty break before the race started. Here's a pic of the line from inside the bathroom (that's camera has no shame, it will take pictures inside the bathroom). The line looks harmless right? Oh nooooooo....
because here's the line on the outside of the bathroom. This is so appropriate for my mom. We were always waiting in a potty line together. I think she sent this little line down to us as a "HELLO GIRLS" message. "Hi Mom" right back at ya! Because I love my mom....I participated in this mob. Stacy doesn't like to be around alot of people. Stacy gets the hee-bee-gee-bees in crowds. Stacy's shoulders hunch up under her ears when she gets around so many bodies in one place. Stacy may have to start drinking if she is going to continue to participate in this activity for her mother! Just like last year, the amount of people that were there stretches out so far in front of us that you really can't see/comprehend where it all ends. In case you really want to know, it was reported that there were 18, 000 people there. The heads end at the bottom of the mountain in the picture below.
Because I love my mom...... I allowed my self to be accosted by Ronald McDonald.Yo- R.'s called a "personal space issue" and some us of have a "huge one". I'm still pulling red clown hair outta my ear area. Because I love my mom....I made a fool out of myself in another attempt to get myself on the news again this year. This was as close as I got---hurling myself against the KSL 5 news building. Get it? I'm "ON" the news? Ha ha! My mom would have laughed (and probably peed a little in the process).
Because I love my mom......I got wayyyyyy too close to this guy who was wearing nothing more than a bright pink Speedo and a cape. Poor little was only 40 degrees that morning. Not good (for him)! 'Scuse me while I go drink some bleach to get this sight out of my head.
Because I love my mom.....I had to walk next to a little boy who was asking his dad what this sign said:
Note to parents: It's a breast cancer event. There's alot of "boob" jokes. Most of the participants make their own shirts and signs and the language has to do with the chesticle area (again, because it is a breast cancer event). If you are going to bring your little ones, be prepared!
My favorite shirt (that I didn't get a pic of) was worn by an older gentleman and it read "Find a cure already! Pink is not my color". If you want to read more funny shirts, scroll back to last year's post---there were a lot of those shirts re-run this year.
Because I love my mom......I indulged and bought cute "pink" stuff. How can I pass on cute pink water?
Because I love my mom.....I had hair dresser Diane do Pancho's hair for this event in a lovely bright pink shade so that he matched all the other cute pink stuff going on.
Just kidding...this isn't Pancho. Like Timmy would EVER let me do this to HIS dog!

Because I love my mom...... I allowed myself to be a total geek. You see, I love this local morning show called "Good Things Utah" which is hosted by four of our local news ladies. But since it comes on a 10am and since that is smack-dab in the middle of the work day, the only way I get to watch it is to record it. The geek in me then stays in my jammies on Friday morning and watches all weeks worth of Good Things Utah while drinking my coffee and eating my cereal. So the geek in my totally took over when I saw the girls from Good Things Utah at one of the booths at the finish line.

This is Annie Cutler who is a reporter for abc4News and a fill in on Good Things Utah.
And this is Angie Larsen who is a reporter and a host of Good Things Utah. Can you see me geek-giggling while I'm standing there with those local television super stars?
Yo-A. Larsen..... it's called a "personal space issue" and some of us have a "huge one". I"m still pulling her loud cheerleading out of my ear area.
What a wonderful, wonderful day showing my mom how much I love her. Thanks Uncle Jill for signing us up and getting us there! It was a beautiful day (seriously, considering that there had been rain, wind and snow just days before). The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold (except for Speedo man and that was his own fault) and it wasn't too hot. What can I was PERFECT!!