Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy October 16th to me

In other words.............

Thanks to these gals

and this super cutie pa-tootie!!
for not only a great Costa Vida lunch and this darling basket full of goodies
but for being the friends that make me smile every day, the givers of motherly advice, the free therapy I desperately need, and for being the best support team this freaked out girl needed during the past two weeks of "boob-scare".

You guys are the best-est and I love you to pieces!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Never have sweeter words been spoken/written

However, these words run a close second:

From: BOB NETZ []
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 4:37 PM
To: Stacy Lafitte
You should let me take you to the road house to celebrate your good news.... Good idea I think

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet my new best friend

I have found a new love and it is this little fella right here: The Magic Bullet.

And magic it is! My mom had me get her one for Christmas one year and I have to admit that I didn't quite get what she saw in this little blender-do-hickey. It wasn't until this past Friday that they featured the Magic Bullet on the View as one of the viewer's favorite products that I got a taste of what this bad boy is capable of. I had to run right out and get me one.

I picked my bullet up at the Costco. While I was at Costco, I ran across this bag of smoothie mix and thought I would bring it home and give it a try.

I obviously didn't read the bag very well because imagine my surprise when I opened the bag and found these smaller pre-measured doses of smoothie mixes.

It's perfect to throw in the bullet as I run out the door on my way to work in the morning.

We have been having a blast with this thing! The boys have been making up all kinds of fun drinks out of orange juice, milk, strawberries, bananas, name it. We have definitely limited our Diet Coke intake since we bought this thing. Heck - I even broke out my old Orange Julius recipe from my eighth grade home-ec class and gave it a whirl in the bullet.

The Magic Bullet gets a Lafitte eight thumbs up (that's two thumbs up from all four of us)

Yo Dad!

What's up with this?
No wonder you are the more popular one at the courthouse.
No wonder everyone only knows me as "Yo Bob's daughter"
I better start learnin' how to change tires if I want all the love and adoration you're getting at the courthouse these days!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm beginning to think our date-- I mean Lydon's date to homcoming this year must have heard about my antics last year because this girl dodged my every move! What the heck? So unfortunately I got nuthin. Nuthin.

Here's the flower he gave the mystery girl.

And Timmy grooming him for the big night.

This is the super cute outfit I picked out for him (that's right Shirlee--super cute outfit!!) I hope mystery girl liked it.

Tim insisted that we take these pictures with the dogs. Why? Why would he do that to us?

Actually, it sounds like Lydon and the mystery girl (here fore known as MG) had a lovely time. They spend their day date at Classic Skating. Their dinner date was at the rock church at a benefit dinner (that was my favorite part since that meant an inexpensive dinner in town rather than another trip down the canyon to a swanky joint--I get to have that opinion since I covered the tab for this event). He said that they had alot of fun at the dance.

I gave him some money for pictures so I hope that there will be some photographic evidence that he really did attend this dance with this MG girl. Otherwise he just duped me into buying him an outfit, lending him my Jeep for the night and handing him a fist full of cash......I want photos Lydon Edward!!


I FINALLY got to finish off celebrating my birthday with my long awaited pizza party with my nephews (does this mean I FINALLY officially have to be 40 now?)

We started off with a movie (super cute!)

Followed by ice cream (yes, we had ice cream before dinner--we can do that --it's still my birthday)

and then we came home and made dinner. We made make-your-own pizzas.

We finished off our birthday party with a little crafty-beading project (yes-I made the boys do a beading project--I can do that--it's still my birthday).

Thanks guys for finally having a pizza party with me! I can now officially finish my birthday month :)

Speaking of my birthday present is doing well, than you very much. Ever since we brought him home he would curl up and sleep on Moose.

and he still does it two months later.

He looks alot like his big brother

and not alot like his dad :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

The Carrigan-Netz-Lafitte-Roberts celebrated the second annual Iggys football feast this past Monday.
Translation: we all went to Iggys for dinner and there was some football game on the television.

Actually-there was some significance to this football game. It was the NFL Crucial Catch football game between the Vikings and the Packers and it was even more special because Brett Favre, quarterback for the Vikings, wife is a breast cancer survivor and she brought pink into the NFL. That's right, I can be sport-smarts! Oh yeah, and then there was this other stuff about Brett Favre being the quarter back for the Packers and now he's the quarterback for the Vikings and he's won a game against every NFL team except the Packers and blah, blah, blah......but that's not important.

Chaston's gi-normous lemonade
Uncle Jill's gi-normous lemonadeMy little babooshka's not so gi-normous tummy (although looky there---she really is pregnant!)
Hey Uncle Boyd---what's up! Good to see your face on the blog!Lotta fun--Lotta food--Lotta love

Can't wait for the third annual dinner date!

Thankful Thursday (on Thursday this time!)

I'm thankful for those thoughtful friends who are there for me for the latest dramas.
Damn boobs--who needs 'em anyways?